NEC Financial Services

Leasing & Financing available through NEC Financial

100% Financing
NEC will help you finance your complete technology environment, from hardware to software and everything in between.

Purchase Options
Depending on equipment type and lease terms, purchase options available can be negotiated and include $1.00 option, 10% option and Fair Market Value.

Flexible Terms
Depending on equipment type, lease terms can be as short as 12 months or as long as 6 years.

Master Lease
To offer complete flexibility in lending, NEC can provide you with a Master Lease Program, into which multiple schedules can be incorporated for each category or unit of equipment. The Master Lease structure enables NEC to offer central or multiple location billing, multiple lease terms and purchase options, which can be customized for various groups of equipment.

NEC Financial Services Leasing Solutions are convenient because they combine diverse units of equipment and systems into one flexible, all-inclusive Master Lease Agreement. You retain the ability to segregate units of equipment or systems into separate lease schedules, enabling you to more precisely monitor and identify each category in the future.

Customized Leasing. By providing separate lease schedules, NEC can individually tailor the financing terms of each category of equipment to meet your specific needs. In other words, one schedule might have a 5-year term, while another has a more appropriate 3-year term. Purchase options can vary by schedule.

Customized Billing. Another advantage to multiple schedules is that the billing location for each schedule can vary. This is advantageous when costs need to be allocated to separate departments, divisions or budgets. Master billing can still be provided.

Multiple Installations. Separate schedules also enable you to commence the lease on part of the entire purchased system or systems, while the balance of equipment is still pending. You can begin payment on the schedules of received equipment, without having to wait until the entire order has been shipped. This is often preferred or required by equipment suppliers.

“My experience with ENS has been excellent. ENS installed an affordable telephone system for our company that fit our needs and transitioned us into the digital age. Their response to maintenance requests are timely with an emphasis on the personal touch which promotes a trustworthy relationship between us. I know I can contact ENS and have our needs addressed responsively.”

-Char Kovac, The Intec Group

Enterprise Network Services has been a vendor of McGladrey for many years.  Their service and expertise is invaluable.  We are pleased with the quality of service ENS provides. If given the opportunity we would highly recommend Enterprise Network services to others. We look forward to doing business with ENS for years to come.

-Lori Wilkerson, McGladrey LLP

ENS has a wonderful response time and will often rearrange their schedule to accommodate our needs. I would recommend ENS to anyone who is looking for a professional, courteous and responsive team to take care of your phone system maintenance or repair. Their customer service is outstanding and I consider it a privilege to call them one of our Preferred Partners.

-Tiffany Gilbaugh, Partner Liaison Continuant